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One would think that an English teacher would be confident enough to whip out an essay or a response for graduate class; nope. Because I am my biggest critic, I have a difficult time getting words on the page because I feel they need to be PERFECT and of high quality or of a certain quantity. In my fifteen years as a middle school and high school English Language Arts instructor, I learned quickly to help students get some words down on the page; it didn't matter how many words or even if they were the right words. That's the memory that came to mind this morning as I read the article What is microwriting? As readers will find in the article, microwriting can take place in ANY content area. That is the transference we need for students to learn that writing happens everywhere; not just in English class. I recall when I first used a 3-2-1 writing activity with my freshmen. Some students wrote more on that activity than they had written in the entire class to that point. It was…

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